Quick & healthy: plant-based fresh-frozen meal kits

Our frozen plant-based meal kits contain one serving of vegetables, proteins and unique sauces - whole fresh foods that are flash-frozen to preserve nutrients and flavor.

With a Kitchen Table meal kit, you have everything you need to create a filling, wholesome meal in under 15 minutes in your own kitchen - without using the microwave.

Why frozen?

In many parts of the country, frozen produce actually has higher levels of nutrients than fresh. Fresh produce is often harvested before it's reached its peak nutritional value and artificially ripened as it finds its way to the grocery store. Once picked, fresh produce loses nutritional value rapidly - so by the time it reaches your refrigerator shelf, it may have only 40-50% of the nutrients that it should.

Instead, frozen produce is picked when ripe and flash frozen soon after, locking in those nutrients.

Got a moment? Watch this great video about 'fresh vs. frozen' by ASAPScience.